Why am I sharing this weight management nutritional programme with you for free?

Simple... Because the results are so wonderful...and the health outcomes are so valuable...that I feel obliged to share this with as many people as possible, so that you can feel younger and live at your ideal weight.

 If  you struggle to manage weight

If chronic pain is making your life miserable

  If your energy is flat and you feel like everything is an effort

and you want to slow the ageing process as much as possible

...then this free dietary programme could be your solution.

It's not that this diet has magical powers it's just that many commonly eaten foods cause inflammation, weight gain and even emotional & mental distress! and are a major factor in many serious health problems.

Your Roadmap to Vibrant Health lies firstly primarily in your mind, then in your kitchen and lastly in your movement.


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*Thanks for your Programme, in six weeks I have lost 18cms but the best thing is the pain in my arms and legs has gone, plus it has all been so easy.


*Good morning Ian & Dr Susan Newton. I was slow to start but I have lost 3 kg, I have been enjoying eggs, meats and salads, and I have completely lost my desire or taste for sweet foods. Have a great day Regards Jenny

*Hi Ian and Susan,

I have been on your program for a few weeks, and don’t find it too hard giving up breads, grains, cereals & pastas. The hardest part for me is giving up fruit, not that I have, I still eat fruit, but I used to eat heaps more.

I eat more vegetables now, and being a former big  chocolate and cake lover, I don’t really miss them, I do have in my cupboard a block of 70% chocolate, and have had 1or 2 squares of this when I’ve had a particularly stressful day.

The good news is that I have lost 5 kgs!! I am still going on your program, but have honey on semolina some days that I don’t feel like cooking. I read your blogs all the time, and I think that this helps to keep me on track.

Anyway, just thought I would thank you for what you have taught me and hopefully I can continue to lose a bit more weight

Thanks again, Jill

*Hi Ian

I've lost 3 1/2 Kilos, I'm nearly finished my 30 day challenge and I haven't missed sugar, and I really like not feeling tired in the afternoons at work. Thanks Ian.


*Hi Ian,

It has been four week since making changes to my diet and exercise program. Weight lose has been 4.7 kg. No sugar No grain No lactose .Your green shake has helped me to have something there when needed specially  on night shift.

Body feels free in movement. Still feeling fatigue but this is improving. Measurement is the most significant  change around the midriff. Yes I feel I can take one day at a time and will improve my health.

Many thanks


*Thanks Ian

I am feeling so much better and I really like your emails which support me and keep me on track.


*My Own Real World Results

The result is more energy,  significantly less joint pain which meant being able to train harder and move much more easily.

Before I recommended this to any of my health clients I needed to confirm all the benefits I had read in studies and journals. 

I felt so much better that after 30 days there was no way I would go back to my old diet. Plus just 13 months after a knee reconstruction I graded to Level 1 (black belt) in Kung Fu.

I don't believe I could have done this if I hadn't changed my diet. I personally followed this programme for 30 days, with blood tests at the start and finish and loved the results.

I lost 5.5kg (12.1 lb) my B12 was boosted. By the end of month two I had lost 8kg (17.6 lbs) my target weight and have maintained it for 2 years. 

My HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio improved, my ESR & CRP inflammatory markers improved dramatically, resulting in less pain, plus and my testosterone increased My chronically flaky scalp got much better and dry skin patches resolved.

Expensive creams wouldn't resolve such a problem, because the problem was driven by sugar related inflammation.

Plus my annoying heart burn resolved which was a relief as I thought it was coffee that was the problem! But it was obviously sugar and grains.

  • Dr Susan Newton MBBS(Qld) FRACGP GradCertGPPsych(Monash)

    Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist.

    Integrative Medicine Practitioner

    Graduate Australian College Of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine.

  • Ian Newton ND  Vibrant Health Coach, Quit Smoking & Weight Loss Hypnosis Specialist. Naturopath, Medical Herbalist, Nutritional Medicine practitioner and Chikung Instructor.

* Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person.