Why Your Weight Loss Programme Should Be Wearing Flares

Hi Weight Loss Seekers

In the 1970’s flared jeans were very cool, cars were unsafe by todays standards, we still listened to music on tape and were only beginning to record television programmes.

Here we are in 2017 our cars have multiple airbags and crumple zones, we stream our music and television programmes. We are dabbling with virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

We have come so far in a few short decades, there have been huge advances in surgical and pharmaceutical health, but for most people their diets are still the same or worse than in the 1970’s.

In fact our diets are 1970’s vintage with the addition of bigger serves and a lot more access to junk food, which means a bad idea has just gotten worse over the past four decades.

And just like most technologies from the seventies they have been superseded by more advanced thinking, research and application.

All except for diet. That is. For some reason the gods of dietary set in stone the recommendations for human health in the seventies and decided enough was enough and that the mystery of human health had been solved.

History has now shown that most of the recommendations were wrong and in many cases corruptly manipulated by corporates with a vested interest in maintaining their profits.

The worlds of dietetics, nutrition and medicine went along for the ride out of laziness and a blind faith in the pioneers of bad nutrition.

There were many voices of reason but well-funded opponents shot down most in flames. The good news is that in the nineties more researchers and practitioners of modern nutrition surfaced and now today there is a strong voice supporting a modern method of eating.

But even today conservative forces still want to keep the nutritional ignorance of the past alive. Calories in calories out is still promoted, exercising hard to lose weight and low fat and low cholesterol diets are still recommended by those wedded to the past.

The only people who benefit from this advice are those who profit from selling sugar, junk oils and grain products.

All you have to do is to do some simple research to realise that if you want to be healthy then you must avoid or at least severely limit your consumption of sugar, artificial sweeteners, omega six grain oils, processed foods and grains or all kinds and eat plenty of vegetables, healthy fats and meat if you choose to.

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Wishing you Vibrant Health

Ian Newton