5 Reasons Why Most Weight Loss Fails.

Hi Weight Loss seekers.

If you have ever lost weight and regained it you will have felt that frustration, pain & embarrassment very deeply.

These are 5 common reasons, some are obvious and easy to fix and some will require more planning and strategy.

  1. You opted for the low calorie model. Basically you starved yourself and you struggled with hunger until the whole thing just blew up. Sure anyone can lose weight for a while if they eat very little, but it will always fail or you will get sick.
  1. You tried to stick to a difficult diet through sheer force of will, until you were mentally exhausted. Weight loss isn’t about will power, but until you have a strategy and someone to help you past your resistance and emotional blocks you may continue to struggle.


  1. This one is very important, unconsciously you may try to return to your old patterns of eating and behaviour, or your friends and family who are still overweight may intentionally or unintentionally pull you back and this is your comfort zone, even if it isn’t your happiness zone.

The key to break free from the old patterns is believing you deserve to succeed, you deserve to lose weight and feel good about yourself. You may question this but if you are stuck anywhere in your life, it is highly likely that there is a deep fear of moving forward and a solid belief of not deserving. If that is not true for then what is stopping you?

  1. You jumped in too hard and fast. Perhaps you made a new years resolution, so you get up early go for a walk, clean out the junk in your pantry, and you start drinking green smoothies. In a couple of days you are tired, bored and probably boring everyone around you who has to listen to the details of your transition to health sainthood. The next phase is feeling ashamed when caught eating a muffin or hotdog. So go slow and be kind to yourself.
  1. Your diet which caused you to lose weight was unsustainable. It made any eating situation which was outside of your complete control just too difficult to manage.
  1. Your emotional state was unsustainable. You started with lots of positive affirmations, you kept reminding yourself of all the benefits of losing weight, but the level of unconscious resistance and negative belief was over whelming. You need help to overcome this or you will only build a bigger story about why you have trouble losing weight.

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Wishing you Vibrant Health

Ian & Dr Susan Newton