The Vibrant Health Way ... Your Fast  Track To  Healthy Weight Loss

Your Two Vibrant Health Way Weight Loss  Options

Option 1.

A 25 minute phone/skype consultation to clarify the diet and answer your specific questions. $97...Plus you will access  delicious, simple recipes to make the programme even easier.

I know it's bad form to place the PS at the top but I want you to see it. You can finally manage your weight and create wonderful health on my installment plan.

Option 2.

  • Fully supported  weight management success programme.
  • You receive a specific dietary plan.
  • Exercise advice.
  • Four Sessions to solve your weight loss problems and help you overcome any issues that would hold you back from succeeding. All sessions with Ian Newton the Vibrant Health Way founder.
  • Free email and text support to solve minor issues as they arise or answer any question
  • A hypnosis track you can access to online so that you can listen to at home to reinforce the process.

How It works

  1. Start the diet. Once you book you will get access to a more comprehensive dietary page.  Don't stress, just do the best you can as you explore the included quick tasty recipes link.

2. Complete the emailed questionnaire which dives deep into your diet history, & your fears, beliefs and struggles around weight loss and any problems sticking with a healthy diet.

3. 1st  session allow at least 90 minutes. I answer any questions you have re the diet, and we get started with Hypnosis to let go of any negative self image issues you have and start building calm and confidence for the new you.

4. Your  Second session, typically 50 minutes is usually two week later. Again questions answered, plus it's time to let go of any limiting beliefs which have held you back and to create your new healthy identity.

5.  Session three is designed to help you push through any remaining, or new  barriers which could prevent you from reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it.

6. Session four is when you will create your new healthy future and be completely ready to step into it, in a way you have never been able to before.

7. In month two if you feel there is more work to be done on your diet we then shift into the next phase. This is not unusual for people with inflammatory conditions. We don't start here because we want to remove the minimum number of foods from your diet for the biggest result.

These sessions can be done in person or via Skype. Your  fee is $497 which can be paid upfront or in 3 installments via Paypal.

You are welcome to call me on 1300 203 422 to set up a time for your free 15 minute consultation to discuss your  goals


To Discuss Your Health Goals Or Book Your Vibrant Health Way Consultation In Australia Just Call 1300 203 422

Outside Australia? Please email me at subject coaching, tell me what you wish to achieve and we will set up a time.

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