You Do Not Have A Surgery Or Drug Deficiency

Hi Good Health Seekers

These days there seems to be a medical procedure or pharmaceutical for everyone. Even problems which in the past were not illnesses have been reclassified in order to create a medical cure.

Yes we need surgery when there is no other option, and yes we need pharmaceuticals when they are appropriate, but as humans we were never designed to have a deficiency in drugs or surgery.

However we can have a deficiency in nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management. And the best news is that none of these things require a doctor a hospital or a pharmaceutical company.

The bad news is that in order for you to overcome these deficiencies you need to take action and you need to take personal responsibility for your own health.

Sure you can take drugs to prop you up, but in the long run you will pay a heavy price for ignoring your own health.

So what do you do?

  1. Firstly if you are on medications you need to stay on them for the time being.
  2. Next you start a no sugar, no grains and no processed food diet.
  3. Now find a doctor who understands modern nutrition, and is prepared to work with you and monitor your bloods to reduce your medications as you get healthier.
  4. Of course you need to exercise, but you don’t need to become a fanatic or start running marathons, unless that is what you would like to do. And if becoming an endurance athlete is what you want then this diet is even more important to you.
  5. Start to read more and listen to modern experts who aren’t living in the 1970’s. Become educated for your own satisfaction and you will find this personally empowering.

Your health is ultimately your concern, and apart from your loved ones, there is no one more interested in your well-being than you. After all you have to live in your body, 24 hours a day, year in and year out.

The quality of your life is largely related by how your body manages its passage through this life. Your body and your brain can be tired, fuzzy and sluggish or energetic and clear. You can be in pain or pain free or at least have low pain.

You get to choose, but you have to make the changes and stick with them. It’s up to you, so what do you choose?

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Wishing you Vibrant Health

Ian & Dr Susan Newton